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Madden HB Career: Seasons 5 & 6

Here are seasons 5 & 6 from my Connected Career as the Skins running back. After breaking out in season 4, we started to have some postseason success. Season 6 ended in a big Super Bowl win!

Madden HB Career: Season 4

After a year on the New Orleans Saints I found my way home with the Washington Redskins. I got into a battle for the starting position with Mark Ingram and had a big-time preseason that finally earned my the starting role. Guess I had paid my dues at this point.

Ther regular season turned out great for me too. I couldn’t quite get that 2,000 yards but lead the league in rushing. Good call finally getting me in there Jay Gruden.


Madden HB Career: Highlights from Season 3

Surprise! After sitting for two years on the Skins and hardly getting any carries I decided to look for another team. I ended up on the Saints behind Shane Vareen, but did get to run the football some this time around.