Mall Trip with Maya

This morning I woke up earlier than usual for a Saturday. Two cats were fighting to the death in our front yard for what felt like a lot longer should be allowed under the Unified Code of Feline Pugilism.

After listening to the death howls for about 15 minutes I realized I wasn’t going to make it back to sleep, so I decided to be productive and went to the grocery store right when it opened. It was about the best grocery trip ever. I only saw one other customer the entire time I was there. I felt good about my decision.

Today Cris and the two older kids had plans to go to Wizard World, which meant Maya and I had the place to ourselves. But we weren’t satisfied with sitting around. We headed to the mall as if it was still a relevant place for us to hang out.

Regardless of the state of the mall in modern society, we decided we’d make it a great time. Here’s some things that happened while we were at the mall:

– We ate ice cream. Maya didn’t eat all of hers because she knows moderation is key to a fulfilled and happy life.

– We went to Dave & Busters and played a bunch of games. Star Wars, Mario Kart, a Batman racing game and some dance game I’m not familiar with but that Maya thought was the greatest thing ever.

– We went to Barnes & Noble and played with Legos, then bought like 10 of those Funko Pop! figures because it’s something we like to do.

– I had to take Maya to the men’s room twice. I had to pee both times and Maya didn’t even though I’m 33 and she’s 4. Oddly enough I’ve never been somewhere that I had to take her to the men’s room. We found an empty restroom and she waited outside the stall while I went. She said “Dad, that’s a lot of pee.” She was not wrong. She’s also apparently a good listener.

– During the car ride home Maya requested that I play the theme song from Ghostbusters, so we listened to it on repeat the entire way back.

That was our Saturday. It was a good day and we’ll probably have to go back because I still have something like 100 points left on that Dave & Buster’s card. Those tickets don’t earn themselves.

Maya at the Mall